Security Screening


Security Screening

$1 MILLION (Prize amount to be confirmed. Announcement expected for next year)

Security Screening means a systematic procedure used to examine and appraise a person to determine his or her suitability, loyalty and eligibility based on security competencies and considerations; It also means depending on situations ,the prescribed security screening of passengers, Airport employees, and other persons, luggage, goods, cargo, and such other prescribed items pursuant to applicable rules and regulations, orders, security directives or such other directives as may be duly issued and in effect from time to time by the TSA and/or DHS.

Or for entering specific buildings or meetings and Other collective events.
Screening and personal identification must also be considered to identify people in crowds, riots, manifestation to avoid criminal acts.

Several Technologies are being utilized for screening, from facial recognition to fingerprint, eye or more sophisticated equipment.

Security Screening

The solution can include:

This competition calls for screening systems that can remotely or with presence, identify people for security and Other reasons.

Policies, equipment, methods, invasive and non invasive sensors and several other alternatives will be considered for the final goal of obtaining total people identification through specific screening systems.


This is a two phase competition:

Phase 1: Written proposals, (max 30 pages including images) about the technologies and systems that would be utilized will select the five finalist teams that would proceed to phase 2;
Phase 2: To realize the required prototype and experiments under controlled conditions to prove the validity of their concept proposal.