$1 MILLION (Prize amount to be confirmed. Announcement expected for next year)

The possibility to recover movement to paraplegics is an old and specific goal of medicine and bioengineering. There are millions of war veterans or people that suffered accidents that cannot walk and are living in paraplegic conditions.

The RECOVER WORLDPRIZE will award the prize to the team that implements a system that recuperate paraplegic individual to considered near normal capabilities.

The technology might be biological(for example using stem cells to restore the spinal cord damage) or might for example be technological involving a combination of BMI (brain machine interface) system with an exoskeleton.


The solution can include:

By near normal capacity we consider the following:

1-After treatment the patient is able to perform at least the following number of functions: standing, sitting and laying, including comfortably transition to one position to the other
2-Independently use the toilet
3-Naturally and comfortably climb stairs
4-Stand on a vertical position
5-Walk 100 meters with no external help
6-Run at 5Km/hour for at least 100 meters
7-bike independently

All of these tasks must be performed by the patient with hands free functions (ex via BMI using an EEG external sensor)


This is a two phase competition:

-Phase 1: Written proposals, (max 40 pages incuding images) about the technologies and systems that would be utilized will select the five finalist that would proceed to phase 2

-Phase 2: To realize the required prototypes and experiments under controlled conditions.