Professional Education


Professional Education

$1 MILLION (Prize amount to be confirmed. Announcement expected for next year)

Professional education is a formalized approach to specialized training in a professional school through which participants acquire content knowledge and learn to apply techniques. Although content is what the participant is expected to learn by attending professional school, such an education also helps the participant acquire the competencies needed for proper practice and behavior.

Such formal way of acquiring professional education is very conventional and define our career since it usually is our main entrance to the profession that we will follow in our life. But whast happens if we want to change or modifiy and follow a new or diferente careere?

We may need such change due to the exponential acceleration of technolgy and changes in our workplace conditioned by such progress:?

We would have to repeat all the hard learning methdology that we did in our past. We will not have the ime nor the willingness to go back and redo our educationFor these resson and due to the new and advanced technologies for learning in short time and maximu efficiency we must have the possibility to restart a career or to enter a new field.


The solution can include:

This competition calls for new strategies, learning methods and techniques, personal or collective , devices that will allow us to improve our learning capabilities compared to conventional ones such as reduce a one year college course in a two months experience anda t the same time allowing to everybody to obtain top class education in a global scale.


Proposals will be in writing max 40 pages including images , diagrams and charts.