Oil Removal From Oceans


Oil Removal From Oceans

$1 MILLION (Prize amount to be confirmed. Announcement expected for next year)

The ocean is a biggest container for water in the whole world. But the ocean water is vulnerable to all kinds of pollutants. These pollutants are mostly in the form of chemicals which is oil. Oil pollution is a serious concern for the ocean right now. It is a form of dangerous ocean pollution. It poses serious threats and effects to the ecosystem.

There are several causes for oil pollution in the seas. They include ships, oil drill, industries, water pollution, big acidentes, equipment breakdown, illegal dumpers, natural oil leak from ocean floor, maintenance activities, oil storage leakage, oil runoff from roads, water sports equipment and oil particles in the air.

After knowing many causes of oil pollution in the ocean, we can now learn the effects tat can be so summarized:Harm marine mammals, damage marine creatures organs, reduce population growth, poison marine birds, kill off marine plants, destroy food chain and more.

For teh above reasons Society`s priorities dealing with the ocean is to start a global cleanup and stop all polluting activities by utilizing new policies, rules, regularions, processes, equipment and Technologies that can guarantee na all green conditions.

Oil Removal From Oceans

The solution can include:

This competition calls for such proposals that can mitigate and eliminate oil pollution in the oceans with policies, plansd and schedules, strategies, technologies and more.


Proposals must be in writing, maximum 40 pages including images, charts and diagrams.