Ocean Condominium


Ocean Condominium

$1 MILLION (Prize amount to be confirmed. Announcement expected for next year)

To build a condominium in the ocean we need to analyze potential alternatives.

Such facilities could be floating or connected to the seafloor by a structure similar to sea oil platforms. If They were located in international water what could be their legal status ? They could be considered independent unless some legal instrument is found to decide its sovereignity and like ships, have a port of belonging by the flag and from were They are built and coming from. These issues must be explored and defined before a real ocen facility could be built and functioning.

The  floating facility is a building unit with a flotation system at its base, to allow it to float on water. It is common to define such a building as being “permanently moored” and not usable in navigation. Floating buildings are usually towed into location by another ship and are unable to move under their own power.

Floating buildings have environmental benefits such as unsusceptibility to changes in sea level, and minimisation of disturbance to the ecology of the harbour or seabed. They can be built off-site and then towed into location, minimising disturbance to the build site. If the building is decommissioned, it can be relocated elsewhere.

Facilities connected to the sea floor are non floating and cannot be moved . Their sovereighity is undefined yet.


The solution can include:

This competition calls for technological design of na ocean condominium, including systems and subsystems architectural layout for residential and not residential facilities including services for its existence, green power generating system, waste treatment, water procurement and after use treatment transportation systems, marine ecosystem protection, relationship with nearby coastal regions including possible legal status.


The proposal must be presented in writing, max 25 pages and 8 A3 drawings to visualize the concept including planning and architectural design exterior and interior concepts.