Mind Over Computer Worldprize


Mind Over Computer Worldprize

$1 MILLION (Prize amount to be confirmed. Announcement expected for next year)

In philosophy of mind, the computational theory of mind (CTM), also known as computationalism, is a family of views that hold that the human mind is an information processing system and that cognition and consciousness together are a form of computation.

The computational theory of mind holds that the mind is a computational system that is realized ( physically implemented) by neural activity in the brain. The theory can be elaborated in many ways and varies largely based on how the term computation is understood. Computation is commonly understood in terms of Turing machines which manipulate symbols according to a rule, in combination with the internal state of the machine. The critical aspect of such a computational model is that we can abstract away from particular physical details of the machine that is implementing the computation.

Many scholars forecast that the exponential growth of computational power in AI would lead to a situation where machines will be smarter than humans , and growing. This situation is considered a Singularity since its effects are not foreseeable. 

Will smarter machine dominates humans or viceversa we will still maintain our leadership function in a world of machine smarter than humans?

Mind Over Computer Worldprize

The solution can include:

This competition calls for theories, systems, software, technologies that would allow humans to keep a competitive advantage over smarter machines with full control of their capabilities for human ruled projects and activities.


The proposal must be in writing , maximum 40 pages including images, charts and diagrams.