Mind Interfering Terrorism


Mind Interfering Terrorism

$1 MILLION (Prize amount to be confirmed. Announcement expected for next year)

(also known as brainwashing, mind control, menticide, coercive persuasion, thought control, thought reform, and re-education) is the concept that the human mind can be altered or controlled by certain psychological techniques.

Mind interference is said to reduce its subjects’ ability to think critically or independently, to allow the introduction of new, unwanted thoughts and ideas into their minds, as well as to change their attitudes, values and beliefs.

Such technique has been used by the Chinese government during the Korean war in the 1950s to make people cooperate with them. Research into the concept also looked at Nazi Germany, at some criminal cases in the United States, and at the actions of human traffickers.

In the 1970s there was considerable scientific and legal debate, as well as media attention, about the possibility of brainwashing being a factor in the conversion of young people to some new religious movements, which were often referred to as cults at the time.

Mind interference is still considered a threatening challenge to our society for its potential to create fanatism and other mental dangerous manifestation , such as suicide attacks by terrorist and other and is vastly utilized in terrorist groups related to fanatic cults.

Mind Interfering Terrorism

The solution can include:

For such reason a treatment for mind interference effects must be developed and is the scope of this competition: to find policies, treatment, therapies, strategies, medicines and other ways to eliminate the negative effects of mind interference as utilized by terrorists. At the same time we must also consider the positive ones such as in learning or treating mental disabilities , so a careful and planned approach must be considered.


The proposals will be in writing, no more than 40 pages including images, diagrams and charts.