Mars Worldprize


Mars Worldprize

$1 MILLION (Prize amount to be confirmed. Announcement expected for next year)

Considering mars as our possible second home, as per martian development advocates, there is a long way to go to achieve such goal.

Mars has to be explored, reached by manned missions, local habitats and settlements must be built whielin the far future a really utilization by humans of planet Mars, requires martian Terraforming. Once achieved such result Mars could really become our second home.

Such ambitious plans must ahve a detailed Master Plan from teh technological, political, economical point of view.

We must cretae a martian technology, for such activities as construction , food production and more to be followed by a martian economy that would promote the growth of the planet and the creation of a new wealth source.


The solution can include:

A long range Master Plant to transform Mars in our second home, including policies, strategies, international cooperation and local governance, economic models, business plans and models, settlement development, local infrastructures, industries, business actvities is the scope of this competition.


It will be in writing, maximum 40 pages including images, charts and diagrams.