Mars Habitat


Mars Habitat

$1 MILLION (Prize amount to be confirmed. Announcement expected for next year)

The goal of a city on Mars could be achieved in the next thirty years if Elon Musk’s Space X programs can be realized. But not only – other organisations, space agencies or private agencies – encouraged by the initiative – can also be added to the race to conquer and develop Mars. However, before considering such ambitious proposals, it is necessary to take the first step : um outpost on the planet Mars as the first phase toward a Mars habitat.

A martian habitat is the theme of this competition of ideas , open to all , to allow to deal in a systemic way the problems related to the arrival of man on the red planet.


The solution can include:

The topics that await answers are:

1- Configuration of the first habitat for four astronauts as first phase with possible expansions up to 40/50 including site selection features;

2- Manufactured components for residential use and for life support systems (air production, water, food, fuel, power generation, communications);

3- Manufactured components for production activities, agriculture, laboratóries, rover support, mechanical workshop, mineral processing and more;

4- Description of the construction sequence (artifacts sent before human arrival or together during the first mission) utilized and expanded on site

5- Habitat development scheme for its expansion after the first missions

6- Construction system for any facility made with local materials maximizing their use.

7- Radiation protection system where deemed necessary, dust mitigation system – Image of the proposal (render or other similar to display the basic concepts)


The proposal will be presented in writing (no more than 15 pages ) and no more than 6 tables, A3 format, com texts and images, plants, sections, descriptions necessary to define the main concepts. Appendices will be possible where deemed necessary to illustrate particular solutions for no more than 4 pages A3 format.