Human Health Span and Longevity


Human Health Span and Longevity

$1 MILLION (Prize amount to be confirmed. Announcement expected for next year)

While the average lifespan has increased in a near exponentially way in latest years from under 50 years a century ago to over 80 years now, and we still expect such numbers to rise, mostly due to better social conditions, health care systems , food and healthy lifestyles, natural healthy life span has not really increased with the same rate.

On the average our healthy and efficient lifespan is still around 80 to 90 years of age, allowing for few exceptions of longer life.

We must increase such number to allow not only a longer lifespan but also under good efficiency conditions.


The solution can include:

This competition is seeking answers to allow expansion of our life span, at least by one generation (30 years) and possibly more in good and efficient conditions.

We need answers about strategies, lifestyles recommendations, instruments, equipment, medicines, transplants, implanted devices, cell treatmjent and/or substitution and any other possible way to expand our lifespan.

Each proposal can be related to one single item or to more general ones as long as they are focused on the final goal, lifespan extension, including considering non existing, but potentially available technologies.

Consideration will also be given to proposals that explore the social consequences of such change, including professional, social and family life of the subjects involved in the extra years obtained through proposed technologies.

Scenarios can be presented as well with future implications of such changes in society and how to deal with them.


There is full freedom to propose any type of alternative and solution to reach our ultimate goal: to expand human lifespan.

Proposals shall consist of a written part, maximum 40 pages, and images, diagrams or charts needed to visualize the concepts proposed (max. 8 images) in pdf.