$1 MILLION (Prize amount to be confirmed. Announcement expected for next year)

Bioterrorism is terrorism involving the intentional release or dissemination of biological agents. These agents are bacteria, viruses, insects, fungi, or toxins, and may be in a naturally occurring or a human-modified form, in much the same way in biological warfare.

These agents are typically found in nature, but could be mutated or altered to increase their ability to cause disease, make them resistant to current medicines, or to increase their ability to be spread into the environment. Biological agents can be spread through the air, water, or in food. Biological agents are attractive to terrorists because they are extremely difficult to detect and do not cause illness for several hours to several days. Some bioterrorism agents, like the smallpox virus, can be spread from person to person and some, like anthrax, cannot.

Further, modern agribusiness is vulnerable to anti-agricultural attacks by terrorists, and such attacks can seriously damage economy as well as consumer confidence. The later destructive activity is called agrobioterrorism and is subtype of agro-terrorism.

Bioterrorism is a serious , dangerous and continuous threat to society in the entire world and ways to face its challenges must be found.


The solution can include:

This competition calls for policies, strategies, software and hardware, equipment, medical advances to fight bioterrorism with the final goal of terminating its threats.


The proposal must be in writing, maximum 40 pages including images, diagrams and charts.